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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i'm angry. i'm very angry. >> larry: and a rally tonight for a opportunity who says he's bullied because he's gay. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11. >> darcel: developing tonight, the buncombe county sheriff has fired one of his deputies after a use of force complaint. >> larry: it happened last thursday, new year's eve and it was captured on the deputy's body cam. >> darcel: news 13's aaron adelson joins us live outside the sheriff's office. aaron, what was the original call about? >> aaron: darcel, deputies responded about a child custody situation. that night lieutenant in charge got a complaint and it quickly went up the chain of command. citing personnel law, sheriff van duncan wouldn't say what the
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>> i can't say what did or didn't take place. >> aaron: news 13 requested video. about ted's . >> they give us one of the best investigative tools with the complaint we have available. >> aaron: duncan says the body cams speed up investigation. >> absolutely. for internal affairs investigation or any kind of complaint from the public, it's invaluable to see what took place. >> aaron: officers are rarely at fault in excessive force complaints. >> split second decision. you're in a fight. a hit or two more and you're a few seconds away from being indicted. >> don't realize what these police officers are facing day after day and what they deal with.
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>> aaron: duncan says body cameras are not a perfect tool. they don't always get the best angle. but in this case, he's happy he had the footage. >> the complaint was substantiated. and the officer was terminated. >> aaron: that year he received a reprimand for a code of conduct violation. that was his only reprimand and they have no other complaints against him. aaron aaron aaron aaron adelson, news 13. >> larry: breaking news tonight the suspect is accused of traveling to syria to fight along terrorist organizations and then lying about it. the u.s. attorney's office in houston says the suspect has been indicted on three charges of trying to provide material support to the islamic state. >> darcel: crimes stemming from
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tonight friends and family are rallying behind the student who made the post. justin hinton joins us live in rutherfordton where they held a rally against homophobia. >> justin: that is right. that's because alex claims the abuse stems from the disapproval of his sexuality. organized this rally against homo homo homophobia outside of the courthouse. it has to do with the larger mistreatment of lesbian, gay, transgender. >> i'm straight. if i want to be gay, i can be gay. if i want to be bi sexual, i can
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nobody should say how to live and love. >> justin: he ran away and was month. investigators here tell us his claims are part of an ongoing dss investigation and several interviews are set up for next week as part of that investigation. justin hinton, news 13. >> darcel: new tonight, jackson county authorities find a three-year-old boy safe and sound after a two and a half hour search. deputies say the boy went missing around 5:30 while helping his father and brother clear brush near their home. the child was found just after 8, about 2/10 of a mile near his house. >> larry: a waynesville mother is charged with prostitution from her own home. deion grey said she did it out of desperation to help her family make ends meet. she says her husband is battling skin cancer. she admits she
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when her children were home. >> not really hurting anybody, you know. and that's how i looked at it. but i guess now, i've hurt a lot of people. >> larry: grey's husband david also faces allegations of aiding and abetting. her next court date is january 13th. >> darcel: new tonight, a public hearing and then a vote means a publix supermarket is coming to hendersonville. the city council and the community seem excited about the south market village. jerrika with details on tonight's vote. >> jerrika: city council voted and approved a special permit to rezone to property in order to build a new publix. the video you're looking at right now is a piece of land where it will be built. most people are looking forward
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the south side of hendersonville has always been a concern since it's the lowest point in the city. so the developer has taken note of that and plans to elevate that property. >> the retaining walls will be around the perimeter of the site to retain that additional fill. so your existing grade is relatively uniform. you're going to have that retaining wall in the property edge. >> jerrika: traffic is another concern since white street is only a two lane road. but city council said that's a separate project for dot to work on for city officials some time down the road. now i also wanted to note that no one spoke against this project during the public meeting. reporting live in downtown hendersonville, jerrika insco, news 13. >> larry: the town of canton is trying to replace its swimming pool that will cost $2.2 million. the current pool has had a lot
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many repairs over the years. funding and design plans have been approved. if the financing and the grant money goes as planned, the new pool should be ready by summer 2017. >> darcel: uber drivers at the asheville regional airport are being charged with criminal trespassing. airport police are issuing cease and desist letters to uber drivers. it's because they don't have transport permits. since uber drivers don't own commercial vehicles, they can't get a permit. >> we're not a commercial vehicle and we can't get for hire plates as an uber driver from what i understand from the dmv. we're kind of stuck. but they want us to pay for a permit that we can't even get. >> darcel: airport officials tell news 13 they're working with uber on this issue.
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chief is making plans to see his son play in the national championship on sunday. his son jay is the starting center for the tigers. they're getting ready to take on alabama for the national championship championship. jamie says jay was playing since he was in second grade but carried a football since the time he was two. >> for him to get to play division i football was a dream for him. but to play in the national championship is certainly even bigger. >> larry: well the game will be televised nationally on espn. don't forget our clemson special. that's coming up this sunday at 7 on my40. >> darcel: a meth bust in a home with children inside. coming up, details on the investigation and the danger authorities say the kids were in. >> larry: it has been a rough
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up next, details on what's caused it to take a dive. >> jason: our temperatures are not going to take that big of a dive initially in the forecast. but there are bigger changes coming. how about these temperatures now. 30s most of the north. 20s now in boone. 40s and 50s still over the upstate. quite a change when you go from that cool pool of air to the east and that warmer surge of moisture and warm air from the south. your tyson furniture bus stop forecast, upper 30s. upper 40s at lunch time.
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a fe >> larry: stocks are up to a rough start on this first week of the new year. the bear was roaring through the canyons of wall street today chasing stocks off a cliff. >> darcel: troubles on the other side of the globe had investors running scared.
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latest from new york. >> reporter: wall street stocks took a nose dive officially putting the market in correction territory. >> this is a weird start to 2016. >> reporter: it was the worst day for the dow in three months. china's stock market flipped about 7% thursday after its currency fell to its lowest level since the dollar in march 2011. setting off another slump in asian and european stocks. >> it's a good bet that the chinese market is going to resume that will probably translate in to further problems in the u.s. market. >> reporter: oil prices plunge along with stock markets. >> people are just not buying commodities. that suggests there are big problems in the global economy that we may not know about. >> reporter: so what does this mean long term for the small
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experts say don't panic. >> the silver lining is we can take a step back. it's only the beginning of january. we've got along way to go. >> larry: clemson university police are investigating vandalism on its campus. it happened last night at tillman hall. the words rename tillman hall and stop honoring tillman were spray painted on the building to the front entrance. an explosion caused a fire at a warehouse in caldwell county. this happened at a business that recycles plastic bags. the explosion happened at the rear of the building while a trailer was being unloaded. the owner tried to help put out the fire. >> i went and made sure my guys
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fire extinguishers. >> how many? >> 20. >> larry: well the fire marshall is still looking in to what caused that explosion. >> darcel: several students and a bus driver were involved in a crash. the bus was heading to school this morning when a driver of an suv ran a red light slamming in to the bus. the bus crashed in to trees in front of an apartment complex. the suv caught fire. witnesses say everyone can learn from what happened. >> you need to pay attention. because she never applied her brakes. she couldn't have seen the bus. >> darcel: bystanders used fire extinguishers. a number of kids and the bus driver was taken to the hospital to be checked. they're expected to be okay. new at 11, three small children were led away from
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discovered a meth lab. it happened in wade county. the children were taken to a trailer where they were hosed down as part of a decontamination routine before taken to social services. a sort time later, their mother was led away in handcuffs. she and others were decontaminated and taken to jail. >> it's frightening. i know it probably takes ems and the fire department a little while to get out here. if they get here in time, great. but what if they don't. >> darcel: undercover deputies had been working the case for months after getting a tip. >> larry: 2015 was a wild, year. there were ten weather disasters that caused a billion dollars or more in damage. the year's biggest and costly damage including what happened in south carolina and wild fires in the
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155 people died from weather related causes last year. 2015 was the second warmest year on record for the u.s. and in case you're wondering, the warmest was 2012. >> darcel: seeing all that snow makes us really enjoy the warmer weather while we can. >> jason: rain is kind of evaporateing as it tries to make its way in to the mountains. we have battle zone of cold air from the east trying to work its way down to the piedmont. moist air from the south and west. 37 degrees at 6:00 a.m. here in asheville. 40 by 9. upper 40s by the lunch hour. it is not going to be as warm as it was today, believe you me. temperatures in the 40s in the morning for the upstate, as well. close to 50 by lunch hour. i'll show you the bigger changes
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coats. >> darcel: and later, no powerball jackpot winner.
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ticket worth a million bucks. your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: yeah, you've heard about rain. it's in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. by no means will it be wide spread.
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the south. southern california getting most of that rain. it's snow in arizona, new mexico, back in to colorado, even in to minnesota. nothing cold about our temperatures. yeah, it's cool. but look at this. rain coming in to georgia now. it looks like the southern end of this rainfall is going to be the bigger portion of it. probably affecting the western upstate. and some of that working in to the southern foothills. the chances given for any location 50%. some of you will get rain. showers will turn widespread saturday. look at the rain chances drop off here. we're even going to mix in a little bit of snowflake action here on sunday morning. yeah, it's mostly going to be flurries in asheville. the higher elevation near the tennessee border, you can double
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42 degrees. it's cloudy. south wind at 3. humidity r rlly starting to go up. 76%. what will fall is going to be rain when it does start to fall. it will light initially and then starting to pick up its pace. we've got a northeast wind that's just going to keep on cranking down the cool air tomorrow. so your temperatures in the 60s today, bye-bye. they're going to be in the 40s and 50s for areas south and east. the coolest weather likely the foothills down through the upstate with that northeast wind. we'll be mild here in the mountains. getting in to the 50s. maybe mid 50s south. saturday, that front goes by. whoosh, there comes the chill. big time cold monday in to tuesday. watch these showers work their way up from the south to the north. breaking up. nothing widespread. less than 1/10 of an inch for
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we're right back in to the rain sunday, late afternoon evening. rainfall amounts in the morning, less than 1/10 of an inch especially south. then you start to see the rain add up a littlemore late tomorrow, more so saturday. there you go. there's a strip of maybe a quarter to half an inch of rain by late day saturday. that's a decent amount. 30s for lows tonight in the mountains with 40s south. highs in the 50s tomorrow for the majority of the area. but only 40s in the piedmont and foothills. temperatures will certainly get colder next week. 50s to 30s. lows at night close to the teens several nights in a row as we go
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>> darcel: all of the miners stuck in an elevator underground overnight at a new york salt mine have been rescued. the miners were beginning their shift when an elevator carrying them got stuck. emergency workers made contact with the miners by radio. blankets to the miners so they could keep warm during the rescue. >> larry: police say he yelled
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and had a piece of paper on him with the isis emblem. france has been under a state of emergency since the attacks in november that killed 130 people. >> darcel: the jackpot is expected to hit $700 million before saturday's drawing. that's a record. no jackpot winner but someone in chattanooga won a million dollars. the lucky winner picked all the
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>> larry: the packs matchup with >> stan: acc hoops tonight, nc state trying to pick up its first league of the year. cardinals led by 16 with 3:27 to go when abdull malik goes inside, puts it up and in. and foul three point play. caleb martin put 3 of his 16. 17 for the freshman. they're down 4 with 40 seconds left. cat barber drives and fouls a three point play. he scores 20. barber a chance to tie.
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looks like it's going to be nc state's ball. but no. it went out. they hold on. o and 2 in the acc. so close but. >> we closed the gap. we're right there. and bang-bang they hit a couple of big ones. you know, that was a difference in their team and ours right now. >> stan: we're going to have a college hoops double header for you. catawba at brevard. women's action at 2. followed by the men's at 4. gardner webb at unc asheville, same times. lots of good local games on my40 the next three weekends. carolina panthers, the top seed in the nfc get a by with a much needed week off. green bay or washington.
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>> i think that was a huge positive. it got spirited there. but it was fun. i mean, i thought they had good energy. i thought they did compete well. >> stan: denver broncos top seed in the nfc also off this week. manning, of course, missed six straight starts because of a tear in his plantar fascia near his left heel. led the broncos in four scoring drives in their 27-20 victory. first gulf tournament of the year, pga victory. tournament of champions in hawaii. i bet they don't like being there. what a setting. third shot to the par 5. check this out. i think he's in mid season form. patrick reid on 18 and 2 has a
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and he drains it. he has the first round lead. spieth is one shot back. >> larry: all right. it felt pretty good out there today. >> jason: not bad. 59. we'll take that. temperatures will get cooler tomorrow. the clouds thicken up. we get our chances of scattered showers. the wettest weather comes saturday mostly late in the day. and then we get down right cold. highs in the 40s with wind it will feel like teens. >> larry: thanks for joining us. remember you can always check us out on >> darcel: be sure to find us on facebook and twitter.
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